Surprise Proposal Photoshoot in Minneapolis

Emily and Quinten’s relationship is a special one. I first met Quinten in my freshmen year of college, and he was the person who introduced me to my own fiancĂ©. In my Sophomore year of college, I met Emily, right when these two started dating. For Emily and me, it was a fast friendship, being the only girlfriends of this male friend group. Quinten genuinely wanted to propose in St. Paul since that is where they spend a lot of their time together. This charming city holds a special place in their hearts, and what better location for a surprise proposal photoshoot than the beautiful and historically significant Irvine Park in St. Paul?

The Proposal Plan Unfolds

After four years together, Quinten surprised my fiancĂ© with a random morning call, revealing that he had bought a ring and wanted us to hold onto it for the proposal. It was a secret I struggled to keep, knowing how easily Emily could catch on to certain things. To orchestrate the proposal, I devised a plan to ask them to model for me in a photoshoot, claiming I had a couple drop out (even though I didn’t). This scheme was plausible because Emily and Quinten were among the first to model for my business. We had already set a date and time, but I still consulted Emily to ensure it didn’t raise suspicion. I even helped her select the dress she would wear for the occasion.

A Surprise Proposal Photoshoot at Irvine Park

As Quinten poured his heart out and revealed the ring, Emily’s emotional reaction was pure joy and disbelief, creating purely candid moments that I was able to capture in their photos. The priceless look of shock and happiness on her face made all the planning and secrecy worthwhile. The photoshoot that followed was so fun as we explored Irvine Park’s stunning scenery for the perfect shots. Seeing them so in love and overwhelmed with happiness reaffirmed why I love what I do and why surprise proposal photoshoots are SO fun. I’m ecstatic to have been a part of their memorable moment and look forward to their wedding!

Surprise Wedding Proposal Photographer Near Minneapolis

If you’re considering a surprise proposal, I highly recommend capturing the moment with a photoshoot. The joy and emotion captured are honestly priceless. If you’re in the Minneapolis area and looking for a photographer, feel free to get in touch here. You can also check out these moody engagement photos at the Minneapolis Institute of Art for more inspiration.

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