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I am so excited that Bonita Muze opened up recently in Saint Paul, MN because this studio is bringing a different feel to couples studio photography. I know for some, studio couple sessions aren’t as desirable as an outdoor session due to different lighting and sometimes feeling “cold,” but this location is the complete opposite! There are actually some advantages of indoor shoots one being the control over the environment. When you’re outdoors, nature can often dictate how your backdrop looks whereas in a studio we can curate elements to fit your vision. From lighting to props, we can create a narrative for your love.

Bonita Muze is a new studio in St. Paul with a unique vibe. Instead of the typical white blank slate, it features warm tan colors and European-inspired arches. The studio is well-equipped with a bed, couch, and other furniture for your session. The lighting here is truly magical. I was excited when Annika and Eli, who I have mutual friends with, chose to work with me for their couples studio photography at Bonita. They are a beautiful couple, which made my job much simpler!

Why You Should Consider In Studio Engagement Photos

Using a studio for your engagement session has its advantages. It offers a controlled environment where you can freely express yourselves without distractions. This allows for intimate moments and genuine expressions of love, resulting in authentic photographs. Additionally, a studio session gives you the freedom to easily change outfits that reflect your unique style, whether it’s classic, elegant, or laid-back. The studio provides an opportunity for you and your partner to create a stage that reflects who you are as a couple. These type of sessions are often overlooked in the planning process but I highly recommend them, especially at Bonita Muze.

See these moody engagement photos at the Minneapolis Institute of Art!

Couples Studio Photography | Maddi Waldo Photo | Minnesota Photographer

“GIRL!! These are some of my favorite pictures I have ever received!! You absolutely killed it!”

Studio | Bonita Muze

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